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A Review on Wealthy Affiliate

Mohamed Hesham

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is simply a comprehensive training program that teaches how to build a successful business online. It, also, along with the courses and certificate, has all the tools that can help in creating a successful online business, such as:

  1. The well organized courses.
  2. The helpful community.
  3. Site Rubix and keyword tool.

In this post, a review on Wealthy Affiliate, and its great tools which can help to create successful business will be explained thoroughly. Moreover, the way how Wealthy Affiliate works and the difference between the starter membership, the premium membership, and the yearly membership will be discussed.

The well organized courses

These courses explain from scratch the process of building your online business and how to earn a full time income online. They are very well organized. Firstly, you will be taught how to choose a niche, how to build a good-looking website with just simple tools without any coding, and how to write a useful content that benefits and attracts your niche to get traffic on your website. After that, the ways of monetizing your traffic by adding affiliate links and advertisements on your website will be explained. Also, many other things will be discussed in the courses such as the ways of marketing your website in social media, and engaging more users to get more traffic.

The good thing is that these issues are explained very well in an interactive way using videos and blog posts by Kyle – the founder of Wealthy Affiliate- who has a great experience in the field. So anybody who exerts a good effort, and performs the tasks well, will get the most out of it.

The helpful community

When I firstly joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was surprised by the number of people who welcomed me, either by posting on my Wealthy Affiliate space platform or by sending personal messages. Moreover, there is a live chat where you can ask for help at any time. Additionally, there are also the site feedback, and site comments platforms, in which people review each others websites and offer comments on them.

What is unique in Wealthy Affiliate is that it is designed in a way that makes people want to help each other because they get credit for that. Also, the website comments and website feedback platforms work by the concept of “pay it forward”, such that you must offer at least two comments or two pieces of feedback for people before you can ask for a one, which ensures the participation of everyone.

Site Rubix Platform

This platform simply allows you to build your website and manage it in the most efficient way, to get it ranked in search engines. It is divided into many useful tools.

  • Site Manager: You can manage all your websites from here, track your progress, add new users to help you with the content, create domain specific Email addresses…etc.
  • Site Builder: allows you to build your website with the theme you like, by just some clicks in a few minutes, and without any coding or previous experience in building websites required.
  • Site Domains: Allows you to create new domains for new websites, and manage your already built ones. You can build up to 25 websites on Wealthy Affiliate, although one website can be enough to secure a stable monthly income.
  • Site Content: This is an awesome tool to help you create a good content. It checks for grammatical, and vocabulary errors; has some templates to help in writing content; auto saves the content you write every minute; and checks that the content is unique because if not, this will be harmful for your website in search engines.
  • Site Comments: This is also a “pay it forward tool” for giving and getting website comments. This is very important for search engines, because to get ranked, you must have an interactive website, where people share opinions by making comments.
  • Site Feedback: This is a “pay it forward’ tool, in which people give feedback to each others websites. This helps you to improve your content and website layout to maximize your profit. The term “pay it forward” means that you have to give at least two pieces of feedback to other websites before you can take a feedback, which ensures the high co-operation between Wealthy Affiliate members.
  • Site Support: This is simply the technical support of your website, in case you need it.
  • The keyword tool: This tool simply helps you to search for low competitive keywords, which is the most important parameter that can help you rank in search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing.

The solely disadvantage of Wealthy Affiliate

The only thing that I can say it is a disadvantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that you need some time (few months) to make your business rolling. However, any business in the world needs that. You have to work hard and plant the seeds of your success before you can collect the outcome of your effort. There are many websites that claim you can make thousands without effort, but they are, simply, just scamming you. So you have to prepare yourself to learn and work hard in order to succeed in making your own online business, and in your life in general.

So how to take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate perks?

Firstly, sign up for the free starter membership; it will allow you to complete the first certificate course, in which you will be taught how to earn money online, how to choose your niche, how to initially build your website and get it ready for search engines, and how to choose the right keywords for your content to be good for search engine optimization.

Later on,  if you decide to commit to your online business and exert the required time and effort to make it work, you can upgrade to the premium membership in order to get the maximum benefits and features available to only premium members, which will help you to create a great business.

The price of your first month in the premium membership will be only $19, after that it will increase to $49/month, which I think is a very low price to start a business that can generate a full time income, as you will usually need a large capital to make your own traditional business nowadays. You also have an option to pay your bill yearly (about $395/year), which allows you to save about 39% if compared to the monthly quota.

In case you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to leave them below. As I always say, we all have the same goal: to help each other to become better.

  1. michel duhamel michel duhamel

    Nice review on Wealthy Affiliate. I especially liked the way you broke down the various aspects of the platform in general.

    I also liked the fact that you are honest in the sense that it will take several months or longer to really get the business rolling and gain some traction.

    Just curious though, how long have you been with WA and have you seen some success yet?

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. I have been here for 3 months, and now I am already starting to get success, however, I still need more effort.

  2. Nate Kidd Nate Kidd

    I like your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I love the platform and you broke down its advantages and disadvantages very well. With any business it will take time to build and I am glad you mentioned that.

    Too many newbies think they can get rich over night. But, if you take advantage of the awesome training, tools, and community at Wealthy Affiliate there is no way you will not succeed.

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you. Yes, it is nearly impossible to get rich over night, you have to work hard for some time to reach your goals. Wealthy Affiliate has the resources to help you only if you utilize them consistently for a period of time.

  3. Sarab Sarab

    Super duper information and fully loaded reviews especially on wealthy affiliate. I think everyone should read this article and get benefit from it, lots of good info at one platform.. good job

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Will be nice to see you again in my website 🙂

  4. Furkan Furkan

    I heard that wealthy affiliate has a hosting platform. I want to change my hosting provider since it is really slow and simply can’t protect my site from spams. Do you have any experiences with wealthy affiliate’s hosting platform?

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Until now I have been in WA for about 3 months, and I haven’t found any technical problem with my website. Maybe this is a short period for me to judge, but I think everything is going so good with the older users. Also, there is a site technical support tool embedded in WA to help you in case anything happened to your site.

  5. Branislav Branislav

    Great review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I was join this program a month ago and didn’t know what to expect. On my surprise that program was more than I imagine. Wealthy Affiliate platform has a ton of useful stuff to learn how to build online business, very supporting community always ready to help, even the founders.

    I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to make a great success to register, even as a free member. I am only after 5 days shifting to premium because I have seen all the benefits that Wealthy Affiliates provide

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Yes, I totally agree with you. Good luck with your journey in WA.

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