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Architecture Jobs and Career Paths

Khalid Elezabi

Have you always wanted your career to be unique? Putting your touches on every single aspect of your work, your imagination, creativity and feelings. Then definitely studying Architecture will be the gate to your dream job!

In this article, we will explore some topics taught as part of Architecture degrees and your expected career paths or aspects. As well as setting out why studying Architecture is suitable for you.

What are you going study?

Normally, to receive a bachelor degree in Architecture you will study from three to four years, depending on the educational institution and country.

The degree courses, workshops and subjects are divided among four main topics. These topics are mainly architecture urbanism, culture of art and technologies, technological tools for building, history and computational tools for design and modeling.

Studying Architecture does not only depend on practical skill, it also involves an important aspect of thinking. The ongoing process of making you an Architect rely on providing you both practical skills as well as understanding nature of humans and how architecture can be adapted according to the context and environment.

You are expected to hold a solid understanding of humanities including Art, History and mathematics. As there is an engineering aspect in architecture, you are also expected to have studied Physics in order to be able to apply to Architecture degrees. Most importantly, you should be able to easily adapt yourself with drawing and designs.

The following is a quick summary of some courses you will study in architecture degree:

  • Visual Computing
  • Digital Media
  • History of Architecture
  • Design Fabrication and modeling
  • Acoustics and Energy
  • Art Design
  • Urban Design
  • Digital illustration
  • Structures

It is now clear that most of these subjects involve inserting your own touch and sense of creativity through your work. Working in individual or group projects is very common; it allows you to be an effective member of a team, gathering small pieces together to form a bigger picture or a great idea.

Architecture Career Paths

Design Architect

Design specialists are normally specialized in interior designs or exterior designs. It is clear that interior design architects are more focused on interior decorations, finishes, initial planning, lighting and painting. Exterior design architects work on the outdoors related aspects; this includes planning, exterior design elements and orientation.

Landscape Architect

This includes designing landscapes, public areas like gardens, infrastructures and working on areas that bond both rural and urban areas. They have to take care of environmental aspects including rainwater and storms.

Urban Planner

Urbanism is expanding because of the expansion or growth of population. This results in a need to have urban planners, in order to plan the way we are going to expand either horizontally or vertically. Considering demographics and economics as well as development.

Industrial Designer

Producing mechanical or industrial parts sometimes require the touch of an industrial designer who is able to work on computational and modeling tools required to design a specific part based on the requirements and the specifications of a certain project on multiple scales.

Restoration Architect

Considering the quote that says “He who has no past, indeed has no future” restoration designers work on ancient and historical heritage that require an attention of a specialist. Either by using state-of-the-art techniques of restoration or by utilizing modern techniques to preserve and conserve the heritage of the human kind.

Furniture and Textile Designer as well as Graphic Designer and Academic/research fields are both also a career prospective for Architects.

As a final thought, I believe that being an Architect requires an open-minded and an adapting person as well. Because you will be subjected to multi-cultural aspects. Architecture binds both international and local thoughts with a personal signature.

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  1. I really like the breakdown of areas that an Architect can follow to broaden their imagination and creativity – and will pass this article on to friend of mine whose daughter is interested in the subject.

    I find the restoration architect path quite fascinating and wondered which of the paths you have mentioned is the most popular path that architects take? Thanks for sharing.

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