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Computer science career paths – what computer science graduates can do?‎

Amr Kassab

Undoubtedly, joining a career in computer science is highly demanded in the recent market life. Different majors and careers requisites proficient and experienced computer science engineer to complement the work system and facilitate the way of managing, controlling, and tracking of productivity and creativity. Therefore, it is important to cast light on different computer science career paths in order to provide sufficient assistance to fresh graduates or even students to have a full background about the whole major and get specified in certain field easily.  Hence, this will help you stand out of the crowd and get an advantage over all other people with certificates.


Web development

The major responsibility of the web developer is to define the functionality of the website using efficient code and relevant tools. Web development comprises website layout, design, interface as well as identification of any instant or even expected technical problems. The main target for a web developer is to offer highly reliable products or services that meet clients’ needs efficiently and with considerable costs. If you were a web developer, it is highly recommended to have a good knowledge of programming and web application languages such as MySQL and PHP, and relevant HNDs. Click here for a review of some of the best online web development courses available in the market!

In my opinion, I think that the ability to demonstrate your acquired skills is the key that intercede for you in interviews, verify your personal proficiency, and enable more job chances.


Database administration

Another interesting field in computer science is the database administration. The role of administrators is to monitor the performance and security of the database as well as ensuring its integrity through planning, developing, and troubleshooting process. The main purpose of this job is to guarantee that database information remains stable and defined clearly and also enable concurrent access from end users controlled with defined permissions and privileges.

In my opinion, the best qualification a computer science graduate can have to get a job in database administration is to accomplish a Higher National Diploma (HND) in pertinent computer tracks, software, or IT. It is also preferred to have a considerable knowledge in mathematics and electronics.


Web design

Web designer duties are to create, plan, and code webpages and draw their specifications. Concentrating on graphical and technical aspects of website combined with maintenance and testing are the main responsibility of a web designer. Website design includes its visual appearance, sample layouts, and attached graphics and animations. Furthermore, testing webpages on diverse devices is important to ensure its compatibility with different operating systems like IOS and android and it is preferred to be optimized.

Web design requires combined skills in different categories such as: Coding, Programming, Design and graphics, and Content management system (CMS). This means that a web designer should have a great background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, and other relevant languages.


Application analyst

Application analysts are responsible for providing assistance to businesses and ensure that software infrastructure and its applications are working safely and smoothly by maintaining, monitoring, and overseeing practices and processes.  

The aim of application analyst is to analyze application errors and faults as well as train and support staff in using applications. Therefore, I think that people specified in this field should be certified in relevant computer languages such as Microsoft SQL, C#, HMLC, CSS, and others. Definitely, technical experience and increased awareness in computer applications will pave the way for more job opportunities.


So, what can we conclude?

To sum up this post, computer science is a very awarding career in terms of salary; also computer studies encourage problem solving and brain storming. For a computer science graduates, there are many paths in this career such as: Database administration, web design, web development, and application analysis. It is highly needed to say that there are also many other specializations that are not mentioned here, as computer science is very broad and it is impossible to include all of them here.

In case somebody has any comment about what is written, or wants to add something, please don’t hesitate to leave your observation to make other readers benefit. We all have the same goal, to help each other to become better.

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