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How To Become A Freelance Writer For Beginners

Mohamed Hesham



How You Can Become A Freelance Writer In Easy Steps


A freelance writer is a professional who writes content without belonging to a company. Thus, he acts as an independent contractor. It is possible to make a living in this profession. Even if it’s a passion, this job can be a real income. In this article, you will learn the basics to become a freelance writer for beginners. Fun and/or career, it’s up to you.

Whether you’re writing for print or online, you have to do it! Here you will see how you can overcome and succeed to earn a living with a freelance writer career.


• The personal and technical skills required to be a freelance writer
• How to acquire and develop freelance writer skills?
• Steps to seek the career of freelance writing
• How to face the freelance writer high competition and gain the initial customers?
• How to advance in freelance writer career?
• Conclusion


The Personal And Technical Skills Required To Be A Freelance Writer

These are skills that can be trained, and for which the help of beta readers is very useful. The things that are usually changed in the corrections have to do with these five skills (or lack of them) in the text.


Character Management

There are many other things, such as the representation of the characters, or their functions (protagonist, antagonist, etc). But generally, taking into account that stories are made of characters that do things, the better you know how to handle the characters, the better your writing will be.


Meaning of relevance

The sense of relevance is a fairly undervalued skill, but much of the correction is based on this. From my own experience, I have noticed that many corrections are based on asking: “Is this relevant to what I want to achieve?” Is it appropriate or timely to make this character die? Is it the ideal time to put this scene? Should I use this verb or this one?

A writer with a good sense of pertinence analyzes and verifies that everything he has written is correct, is in the right place and moment of the narrative, and that is relevant to the main theme or motive of the story.


The Text Cohesion

A unified text is a big step towards quality. And it is as difficult to unite parts as to separate them. How do I separate the scenes in chapters? How do I link the events?


Common Sense

You can not imagine the number of mistakes and stupidities that could be fixed if, as we wrote, we exercised a little common sense instead of following the plot we have planned. Or let’s give our characters a little more common sense.


Characters often make coherent decisions that sometimes endanger the story. A good writer uses common sense.


How To Acquire And Develop Freelance Writer Skills?


To improve your writing, it is essential that you read, and much. Get out of your comfort zone. Incorporate new content and immerse yourself in texts or formats that might not be your favorites. This way you will be able to open your mind and consequently incorporate new resources and familiarize yourself with different styles.


Write, Write and Write

Are you a writer? Write then, the more you write, the better you become. It’s a practice that will take you to a higher level. It incorporates the habit of writing every day, for example, a minimum of 800 words. Take the habit and find the time and space to exercise.


Online Training 

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of training and online practices to improve your writing skills. Take advantage of the benefits of the web to train in this regard too


Errors and Feedback, Welcome

Learn from your mistakes: whenever a client, publisher or colleague makes a suggestion or makes a correction, do not take it personally: make the most of it keep growing.


Forums and online groups

Participate in communities, forums and online groups where you will have the opportunity to share your material, exchange experiences and opinions, generate contacts, test yourself and receive feedback.


Take Courses

Virtual or face-to-face, the offer is super broad, and they are not necessarily expensive. They bring you a great knowledge and are an excellent opportunity to do networking.


Useful Resources

Each writer has their own: dictionaries, style guides, writing manuals, and any other source that serves as a reference when polishing a text to perfection. Having them always available is recommended!


So far, what could you do to continue growing as a writer? As you see, it is basically a matter of practice, perseverance and willingness to learn, day by day.


Steps To Seek The Career Of Freelance Writing

• Grade- Bachelor’s degree
• Field of the Degree- communications, journalism or relevant field
• Experience- Little or perhaps an average experience for the entry-level positions; 1-5 years of experience for technical writers
• Key Skills- Strong verbal and written communication and persuasive skills!


Although not required, most employers prefer to hire writers with a bachelor’s degree. Relevant specialties include journalism or communications. In addition to strong verbal as well as written communication proficiency or maybe skills, writers must be influential and also creative, and they should possess some knowledge of blogging software and web programming.


Obtain a Degree

Undergraduate programs, journalism or perhaps communications offer a great preparation for this very career. Programs that actually focus on the particular areas of content writing, for instance, script writing or dramaturgy, are also available. People with writing ability and a bachelor’s degree in a specific field may consider a technical writing training.

After acquiring the required skills and accreditations to be a freelance writer. You can start your career online through the popular freelancing websites such as,, or…etc. Another option  is creating your own online business. There is an online learning program called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches how to create an online business from scratch, and it also provides all the required tools to build this business. Check out Wealthy Affiliate from here.

How To Face The Freelance Writer High Competition And Gain The Initial Customers?

Aspiring professional writers should create a portfolio; even the entry-level freelance writer will need to be able to show samples or demo of the job he has done in past to sail through the high competition in the freelance writer industry.


This may include writing even for free for a website, local journal or other. School projects can also be used as samples of work to build a portfolio, once you have a few great feedbacks from clients, other folks will have trust in your job.


How To Advance In Freelance Writer Career? 

You can become one of the best and most recommended freelance writers out there; you want to spread the word about your presence in the world of writing. Selling yourself is a necessary evil in any freelance profession. You are lucky to have started your career as a writer in the age of social networks.


If you are not yet registered on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble upon, Tumblr, Facebook, and the like, you want to do it right away. It may take a while to get used to the aesthetics of social networks, but you should never underestimate their potential.


Socialize and participate in these places to find opportunities and meet people while you learn something new, and turned one of the freelance writers out there.



Becoming a freelance writer has never been so easy. Every minute new websites are created and are anxious to obtain new and original content, by following the tips in this post, freelance copywriting is something that you can offer from the comfort of your home.

Given you are ready, seek your online freelance writing career through the popular freelance websites, or you can also consider creating your own online business.





  1. Thank you for the thorough explanation about becoming a freelance writer. I am in a journey to become one too, and find it hard to get in the competition. As a non English native, I still have a difficulty to write in English

    Do you have some useful tips to improve writing in English? Thank you very much.

    • You are welcome and good luck with your journey! Here are some tips:
      1- Write more and more and ask for feedback
      2- Read more in English, watch movies, and if you can, travel and interact with natives.
      3- Increase your wealth of vocabulary, this will make writing smoother.
      4- Improve your grammar, and punctuation.
      5- When you write, use short sentences. This can make your text more readable, and with less errors.
      All the Best 🙂

  2. Great piece on freelance writing. Really relevant to me as I find myself writing a lot these days. Good job.

  3. This is great – you have given some really valuable tips on how to be a better writer. Thanks for this!

  4. Thank you so much, I am a blogger and I write different articles every day, but I have never spared a minute of thinking about freelancing, it seems a great way of adding to my passive income. Since I am already into blogging, jumping into freelancing offers a great value for me.

    • Exactly, freelancing can be a good source of additional income in addition to your blog. You can use your blog to offer your services too.

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