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How to become a Freelancer Web Designer – Your Complete Guide

Mohamed Hesham

I bet you are here because you want to be a Freelance web designer. I know you are here to seek all the creative ways of starting as a Freelance Web Designer. You have done all the work over time, gathered all the necessary tools and learned how to code but still don’t know what is required to start over and even how to beat the competition and become a full time Freelancer Web Designer. I hope this brief is going to help you completely. It is time to take action and hence no one should be left behind. Sit down and take note of every detail prescribed here.

Before I jump to the main point, I bet you already know and understand all the benefits of working online as a freelancer. One of them is the reality that you will have a better work-life balance. What am trying to say is that you can have lunch with your partner and family at home again. You are your own boss and hence without wasting any time, you can work as needed and spare some time for other important things in life.

The other benefit is that Freelance Web Designers have freedom to choose their working hours. You have a chance to either say ‘’no thank you’’ to that miserable client and at the same time dis his low budget. Each month you will have a bunch of new and potential clients with different projects. As a freelancer, you will beat the boredom of working on the same project full time for a year or two.

Without wasting any much time, let’s jump to the basics of being a Freelance Web Designer and the skills you need for the task. A web designer is a person who is responsible for the front-end side or the look and the design of an application or a website.

The Personal and Technical Skills Needed

There’s no shortcut to being a web Designer. What am trying to say is that you should poses the much needed personal and technical skills.


You should at least hold a certificate in Web design which will provide practical education in the key elements. You will learn visual communication, multimedia production, web application programing and publishing. You will as well get all the digital arts skills and design. On the other side, you should be versed with the interactivity and usability testing. A Designer should as well obtain certification with relevant bodies such as the international Web Master Association-HTM, the Writers Guide and the Certified Internet Web Master.

Design skills

It doesn’t matter whether you are working as a freelance designer or a professionally employed web master, you need to possess the relevant design skills. These are the most important skills that you need in your life. Web Designers in real sense require strong graphic design skills. The main aim of a web designer is to create pages that are clear and easy to navigate. This isn’t possible if they don’t have advanced design skills.

Aa web designer should as well be able to use web design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. You can get these skills from a qualified design trainer or educator in your locality or in school.

Developmental skills

It goes without saying that a web designer with a technical background should take responsibility for coding their design and creating web content that is ready for publishing. For this reason, you should possess advanced HTML and CSS techniques. You should as well be familiar with database technologies such as PHP and MySQL.


The other thing is that as a web designer, you should be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. This will ensure that the websites you create ranks well in Search engines. You should be ready to work with content providers to ensure the quality of content supplied isn’t compromised. The other thing is that the graphics you create should be easy for search engines to navigate and index.


As a web designer who is ready to take his or her skills in Freelancing world, you must be able to prove that you have enough experience in creating websites in a range of formats if you want to attract a vast collection of clients.

Master the art of great listening

A great web designer should be able to listen all the needs of the client and implement them just as needed. For this reason, you should be able to listen carefully and understand exactly what your client wants.

Have some Business skills

You are a computer and a design expert but one thing you need to have at the back of your head is that you are now designing something for business purposes. What am trying to say is that it goes without saying that you should possess some business skills.

How to acquire and develop the above skills

I know you are ready to take your money making opportunities online and for this reason, you are eagerly waiting to acquire and develop the above skills. The reality of the matter is that there’s no better way of acquiring a skill than going to school to sturdy. What am trying to say is that the first thing that should cross your head is that you should go for a class either online or offline and learn the above skills.

After acquiring these skills, you need to develop them through practice. You can start low and advance with time. If you are patient enough, then you will be an expert web designer within a very short time.

Steps required to seek career in Web Designing

After you have gunned all the above skills and you are now confident that you can be able to tackle every requirement in Web Designing, don’t hesitate, start. If you want to start, follow the below steps.

Gauge your design ability

You don’t have to start and offend a client with unpleasant designs. First of all, you can put your own design portfolio on Behance or Dibble for evaluation. If you are pretty sure that you are now ready, then advance to the next step.

Get freelance web design tools for your work

Every work in this world requires some specific tools for it to be accomplished the right way. For this reason, you should get all the necessary tools to start on this. Some of the tools include, Photoshop software, time management tools, prototyping tools and many more.

Find a good website to showcase your skills

There are several Freelance websites where you can create an account and showcase your skills. Check some of the below websites:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Indeed
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn

Find the clients

Now you are in. The next step is to search for your own clients. Although some Freelance sites don’t give you a chance to contact potential clients openly, there are some things you can do and increase your chances of getting a client. On Fiverr for example, you can create a good gig showcasing all your skills and what you can offer for the client. With time, you will start earning.

Provide quality work

If you want to keep potential clients, then be sure you provide quality work and you possess good interpersonal skills. Talk to your clients nicely and give them everything they need so that they will refer their friends and family to you.

How to face the competition in Freelance Graphic Designing

There’s no doubt that there are several other designers trying to establish themselves in this career. Some of them are already experts and hence you can guess the kind of competition you expect from them. However, there are some things you can do and beat the competition.

Make your clients happy

One thing to avoid like war is offending your clients. Always make them happy so that they can be able to refer you to their friends. They will also be happy and come again in case there’s need.

Offer quality work

There’s no better way of keeping a client than offering high quality work. Always ensure you listen carefully to what your clients wants and do exactly that.

Deliver on time

The other thing is that you should keep time. Always ensure that the needs of the clients are met. One of the ways is to deliver their work on time.

How to advance in this career and be one of the best Freelance web Designers

You are now a qualified Freelance web designer? The next move is to ensure you are always there to tackle the issues when they arise. Hold on so tight. In this career, there are some times that you will feel like giving up. There are several challenges that you will face but what determines your progress is how persistent you are.

The other thing is to ensure your job is on good condition. Starting up is always a stressful affair. For this reason, if you are working on Fiverr and your account gets suspended for either violating the terms of service or even not meeting their quality standards, then you will have a hard time to start over again. For this reason, ensure you are always on the right track.

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