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How To Search For a Job – Tips For Maximum Success

Mohamed Hesham

Searching for jobs became a very hard task. Numerous recent graduates suffer a lot until they land a job due to the tough competition between the applicants and the limited vacancies.

One of the reasons for this issue is that usually job seekers focus on only the traditional ways in their job hunting trip. They only apply for numerous jobs on the internet, thinking that it is the only way for job hunting. In this post, we will explain how to search for a job effectively, by illustrating the techniques which make the process easier and more productive.


              @Networking is very important in job search

Networking and having good relationships with people are very important in our lives. They are also crucial when searching for jobs. Most of us ignore that fact.

According to Matt Youngquist, the president of Career Horizons, about 70% – 80% of job vacancies are not posted online. Employers simply use referrals to fill the required position, as they think they are more trustworthy.

Simply, go out, talk to your friends, make friendships with new people, and ensure that you increase your network significantly each month. Tell all the people you know that you are searching for a job so they may help. You can also use your family members network such as your father’s, brother’s, and mother’s friends to help you find a job.

Using LinkedIn 

  @LinkedIn can help you to connect with the employers

LinkedIn is a very powerful professional social network. Utilizing LinkedIn, you can directly connect with the influencers, employers, and recruiters in your field. LinkedIn works in a similar way like Facebook, but for professional and business issues.

To begin using LinkeIn in rightly, start by creating a profile that expresses all the experiences and accreditations you have gained during your life; connect with your all your friends, university professors, previous employers, and all people you know who use LinkedIn; and start connecting with the influencers, and recruiters in your industry.

Now you are ready? start communicating with your connections, leave constructive comments on their posts, share quality and useful content, and build relationships with them. Simply, make your profile, behavior, and the information you share express yourself to the others in this professional network. Hence, you are more likely to find a job offer

Job Search Websites

There are many websites you can use for the job search process such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, and many others. The idea of those sites depend on curating the job postings from all over the web, or letting employers post their job openings, then connecting the potential employees with them.

To use these sites effectively, post your resume in a lot of them, especially the popular sites, as they allow job seekers to post their resumes and give the employers access to them. Additionally, submit applications for the suitable jobs you find.

A big mistake may job seekers do is that they reserve all their job search time for these websites, submitting numerous applications even for jobs they are not suitable for. Rather, you should know that this is only one of the ways to find a job, and it is better to use the other ways too, such as networking with influencers in your field; and asking your friends, relatives and people you know.

Connecting With Alumni

As said above, networking is crucial when searching for jobs. Your college alumni are large network that consists of your previous colleagues, who have the same goals as you. The alumni affairs office in your college is responsible for this association.

You can actually take advantage of your alumni network to find a job. Reach the alumni affairs officers of your college to ask them for advice about your situation. There may be job openings that are exclusive for the graduates of your college, so if you keep contacting them regularly you will know about them earlier than the others.

Also, attend the job fairs and events they organize, and meet your previous colleagues and speak to them, as they may have useful information to help you in your journey.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this post, there are many ways to search for jobs, and you should not use only one technique for that. Networking is a very important aspect in our life, and it can have a very important role in your job hunting journey, so do not underestimate the value of knowing new people and socializing.

Try to connect with the influencers and recruiters in your field; use LinkedIn to express and brand yourself; apply for the suitable jobs you find on the internet; rebuild your relations with your previous colleagues; and of course, do not forget to develop your skills day after a day. If you keep doing this consistently, definitely you will land your dream job, and you will advance in your career to reach the highest positions.

However, to succeed in your job search journey, you also must have a good resume. Refer to our resume writing tips for more information. Otherwise, you can consult a resume writing service, for a high quality and a more professional product.

You may also consider distributing your resume to hundreds or thousands of employers and recruiters in your field for more exposure, so you will be much more likely to land interviews. Already got an interview, check our interview guide.

At the end I would like to leave you with the executive recruiter James Citrin, who discusses some tips about job search, building a resume, and passing an interview.

Now it is your turn! Tell us what is your dream job? What steps did you take until now to pursue it? What do you think you need to do more? And if you already landed the job, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us! Would like to hear from you!





  1. Mike D Mike D

    You’re totally right about networking being the key. Whether it’s via alumni, linkedin, or your social circle, for me and many people I know, the next job has come from a connection. That said, make sure your skills and resume are up to snuff too! It’s not good enough to get a connection – you have to be able to follow through.

    • Exactly, you said it all. In addition to connections, you must be qualified!

  2. I think that networking is very important when we are looking for that dream job. I am retired now, but trying to give my son some tips about landing a great job that he will enjoy for years to come. Every thing you say is spot on. What do you think is the most important factor?

    • I think like you said, networking is very important. Also, having a good resume will be helpful. Personal development is very important too. If he tries to increase his experiences and knowledge everyday, this will give him a great value in his career and life in general.

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