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Learning German language for beginners

Amr Kassab

In fact, there are many potentials and compelling reasons that can push you toward learning German language. Good and fluent German speakers would benefit from this language among different aspects in such a way that they can have more opportunity to earn money, widen their cultural background around the world, and even have a great knowledge and high level of education. Many statistics reveal that not only numerous German investments are existed in United States but also show that the number of native German speakers exceeds other languages in the whole European Union. According to recent studies, Germany leads the world in engineering technologies and has the broadest international corporations and companies and even considered as one of the greatest exporters.

Of course, means and ways to teach and learn German language vary through countries, cultures, and even generations. It is notable that modern generations prefer full or at least partial usage of recent technologies to learn and study instead of face to face teaching. Contemporary researches support this idea referring to common and dominant web databases as well as comprehensive questionnaires and surveys.

Among the various German language tests, we pick up the most common and official ones that may be helpful for students and professionals. TestDaF and Goethe are the prominent tests with their licensed test centers in Germany and around the world. The official Goethe institute website can be put up for online preparation. Goethe-ZERTIFIKAT is a standard German language exam that consists of six levels from A1 to C2 classified according to the level of complexity. For adults, TestDaF and Goethe- Test PRO are the gateway of learning German language for beginners efficiently.



It is an advanced level language exam that covers two levels in Goethe-ZERTIFIKAT system: B2 and C1. It is made up of four sections which examine your language skills separately in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. It would be suitable for students, researchers, and job application in Germany and even in other countries in European Union. Moreover, TestDaF offers adequate globally recognized evidence that you are qualified to study at any institution or even join an academic progress.

 Goethe-Test PRO

It is an internet or computer-based online test that is ideal for you to assess your proficiency in Deutsch, increase your chances in various training and course applications, and evaluate language skills of your co-workers and job applicants.  Goethe test pro is an intelligent advanced test that builds the next question according to your previous answer. Consequently, the difficulty level is variable to offer better opportunity to succeed. Comprehensive reports and results are provided to the test taker to pave the way for further intended future improvements in language aptitude.



To sum up,

We can definitely say that the German language is of high importance as it paves the way for students, job seekers to be accepted in wide number of companies and institutes in the whole European Union. Fluent and proficient German speaker would benefit from several privileges offered in Germany regarding level of education and life style. There are many examinations to be skillful in Deutsch; the most common are TestDaF and Goethe-Test PRO. Needless to say, other tests are available for German language qualification; however, the two tests mentioned are the most popular and have global recognition and presence.

If anybody has feedback about the post, or something to add, I will be very happy if he leaves a comment here. As I say every post, we all have the same goal: to help each other to become better.

  1. Hey there, nice post!
    I personally love languages and recognize their importance, I already speak 5 but German is such a difficult one! (: Maybe one day I’ll learn it as well 😉

  2. akbar zaib akbar zaib

    A very informative article about the German language. I like the way you explain why learning the German language is important. learning a new language is not easy. I am learning Estonian and it’s so hard for me. But what makes me fascinated about the German language is its accent, I don’t w know why so, LOL. But certainly, the German language is the next language I will go for.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Akbar!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Learning languages is indeed an eye-opening, it allows you to have an extra window to look through and build more perspectives. Moreover, it was scientifically proven that bilinguals and people who speak more than one language have higher capabilities in terms of intellectualism than those who speak one language only.
      Good luck and keep the hard work up!


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