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Marketing Courses Online – The Best Sellers!

Mohamed Hesham

Studying marketing is very beneficial. You can use this knowledge to market your own business, market the others products independently to get a commission, or work in the marketing sector in a company or an organization.

In this post, we will review some of the best available marketing courses online, highlighting the pros and cons of each one, and discussing the differences between them.

Digital Marketing Specialization

Provider: Coursera

Duration: 30 Weeks

Price: $368

Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rating: 4.43 / 5

This learning program is provided by Coursera, which is one of the best online courses providers.

The program is created by the professors of the University of Illinois (ranked 69th in the world 2018 – top universities ranking). It consists of 5 courses. It is recommended to study them all and in order, however, not required. 

Like all programs in Coursera, this is an intensive program which covers all the topics related to digital marketing including:

  • the definition of marketing;
  • how this digital world affected marketing nowadays;
  • the ways of promoting your products in this digital world;
  • marketing analytics and techniques to analyze the interaction of the consumers with brands;
  • the marketing analytics process;
  • making thorough and detailed digital data analysis and visualization;
  • the effects of digital media on human communication in general and on marketing communication specifically;
  • the widely used digital marketing strategies, including online display advertising, search engine marketing, and social media marketing;
  • the future of digital marketing;
  • planning and running an integrated digital marketing campaign with all available tools including SEO, video marketing, Email marketing, and social media marketing;
  • how the digital marketing affect the ordinary (analog) marketing, and the ways to use them both for your business.

At the end of this program, you will be required to participate in a practical project to develop a channel strategy to enhance the sales rate of Bosch power tools on Grainger is the corporate partner for this program, and it is one of the biggest suppliers of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products in the world. This project will be a very good chance to apply what you have learned in the real world.

An awesome fact about this program is that it is a part of the iMBA (an online accredited MBA offered by the University of Illinois), which means that it can give you credit towards the degree, in case you would like to pursue it.

The students reviews about this course were mostly positive. They said it is very informative, especially if you do not know a lot about digital marketing; and easy to understand. The program was rated 4.43 / 5.

Note: you can access all the courses materials on Coursera; nevertheless, you should pay the course fees to be certified. There is also a financial aid program for students who are eligible.

Marketing Strategy Specialization

Provider: Coursera

Duration: 21 Weeks

Price: $258 

Created by: IE Business School

Rating: 4.5/ 5

This program is also provided by Coursera. It is created by the IE business school, one of the top schools in business and management fields of study, and ranked from best 100 universities in these fields – according to top universities.

The curriculum of this program discusses marketing in general and analyzes the consumer behavior, in contrast with the previous one which focused on digital marketing. The topics covered in this program include:

  • how to conduct a market research and study the consumer behavior;
  • the way consumers make decisions, and the customer purchase lifecycle;
  • collect the market research date and analyze it effectively;
  • understanding the positioning, segmentation, and differentiation concepts in marketing, and how to do them in the right way;
  • strategically analyze your product or service, determine their prices, and consider its distribution channels and retail strategy;
  • study the different communication channels in which you can promote your product/service and learn how to create the promotion media plan to deal with those channels;
  • determine the objectives and strategy for your marketing plan;
  • determine the target segment suitable for your product/service;
  • decide which communication channels are the most effective to promote your brand;
  • estimate the results of your promotional plan to be able to measure its success after implementation;

Like any program in Coursera, at the end, there is the Capstone project, in which you are going to create a marketing strategy to improve the sales and profitability of a hotel. This will be a good chance to apply what you have learned in the program.

The students reviews about this program was that the material is simple, to the point, and easy to understand. Also, the previous students strongly recommend it to people planning for startups. It is rated 4.5/5.

Social Media Marketing MASTERCLASS | PPC on 10+ Platforms

Provider: Udemy

Duration: Lifetime access

Price: $200 (discounts up to 94% available!)

Created by: Coursenvy

Rating: 4.5 / 5

The provider of this course is Udemy. It was founded in 2010; located in San Fransisco, USA. Udemy is one of the most popular online course providers. I think you have definitely heard about them before.

Unlike Coursera, there is not specific timeline for the courses in Udemy. Also, there is a lifetime access for the course materials, so this is an awesome advantage for people who want to follow their own life schedule.

Also, a different thing in Udemy is that the courses are created by people who have practical experience in the industry, so they teach from this perspective, not from the academic point of view like Coursera.

This course is created by Coursenvy. It is a company located in Los Angeles that is specialized in offering high quality online courses in marketing and advertising, with 127,854 students enrolled in their courses in Udemy. 

This course main purpose is teaching marketing over social media channels, and how to make successful ads in them. At the end of this course you should:

  • understand every aspect about social media marketing;
  • learn how to use pay per click ads on Twitter;
  • be able to use google + to benefit your business and for SEO purposes;
  • understand how to make money through Instagram;
  • have the ability to create video ads on YouTube and promote your business through them;
  • create decent pay per click ads on all social networks;
  • use LikedIn to grow your business and successfully utilize LikedIn ads;
  • powerfully use promoted pins on Pinterest.

A good thing in this course is that it offers a continuously updated content, because social media platforms update its features everyday. With a lifetime access and continuously updated material, this can be very powerful.

The former student’s reviews about this course said that it is very clear, and provides excellent knowledge about social media marketing. Moreover, the provided steps are very easy to follow if you are ready to apply them to your own business. Its rating is 4.5 / 5.

Marketing Psychology – The Art of Ethical Persuasion

Provider: Udemy

Duration: Lifetime access

Price: $100 (discounts up to 88% available!)

Created by: MindMekka

Rating: 4.4 / 5

This course is created by a group of instructors who call themselves MindMekka. They are well-known for their good marketing courses in Udemy, with more than 68,000 students enrolled in them.

The idea of this course is to use psychology to increase your sales, not by deceiving customers, rather, you will use it to understand about the customers needs and what motivates them to buy your products. The curriculum concentrates on the following three points:

  1. the critical importance of psychology in marketing;
  2. utilizing psychology in your marketing tactics and strategies;
  3. understanding about the customer’s purchase process, and the customer purchase lifecycle to be able to influence the process psychologically.

This course was rated 4.4 / 5. The reviewers stated that it helped them a lot to understand the role of psychology in business and marketing, and it has very useful information.

I have to mention that this course looks a brand new one in Udemy, because it has a relatively lower number of students and reviews when compared to the previous one. However, I decided to mention it here because its topic is quite interesting, unique, and useful.

So, what should you do now?

If you plan to work in marketing, or to start your own business, I recommend that you study one or more marketing courses online.

If you are going to choose from these 4 courses, you should firstly decide whether you would like an extensive program in which you will have to commit for more than 20 or 30 weeks, or a relatively shorter course with a lifetime material access and without commitment.

In case the answer is choice number one then you should choose one of the two specializations: Digital Marketing Specialization, or Marketing Strategy Specialization. I recommend the first one if the product you plan to market is better to be done digitally, such as an ebook, or a web development service. Visit the “Digital Marketing Specialization” website for more information about it.

On the other hand, I prefer “Marketing Strategy Specialization” if the product does not have to be marketed digitally, because it covers all the aspects of marketing, either digital marketing or ordinary marketing. Click here for more information about this specialization.

While if you would like to study a shorter course without commitment, and more industrial than academic, you should choose either one of “Social Media Marketing MASTERCLASS | PPC on 10+ Platforms” and “Marketing Psychology – The Art of Ethical Persuasion” or both. These two courses provide totally different information so it may be a good idea to consider both.

If you have questions or information to add, please leave them below. As I say every post, we all have the same goal, to help each other to become better.





  1. Thank you so much for the honest information you provide me with.Actually, it seems interesting and as a newbie, i believe this will help me. But how are these courses performed? I mean do someone has to come personally and learn the courses or go for the online course.And which students are eligible( criteria required) for the first course provided by Illinois University.Is this course available in the UK?

    thank you


    • Those courses are all online. The advantage of online courses is that distance does not matter. Also, I got the courses with the highest ratings and from the best online courses providers to ensure that whoever tries them will have a very good learning experience.
      Regarding the requirements, there is no need for prior knowledge to register at those courses.

  2. A thorough insight to some of the marketing coursdes online. Having used Udemy myself I can vouch for their courses.
    You have let the reader know just what is available and the prices they are likely to have to pay.
    Thank you very much

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