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Marketing Executive – Responsibilities and Required Skills

Mohamed Hesham

The marketing department is one of the most important sectors inside any company. It is impossible to find one without the marketing sector, as they are the ones responsible for creating the marketing campaigns, advertising the company products, reach potential customers, and, consequently, making sales. That is why there are many jobs available in the marketing executive field, and most of them offer good salaries.

Although there are many opportunities in the marketing field, there is also a tough competition due to the high number of applicants. In this post, we will discuss the responsibilities of marketing executive persons, the skills required to get a job in this field, the required education, and how to make an eye appealing resume for this career.

Key Responsibilities

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Some of your tasks maybe:

  • creating, developing and implementing marketing strategies;
  • conducting marketing studies to identify audience and determine the potential customers needs;
  • organizing events to promote for the company products;
  • provide feedback to the product development team in order to improve the products to meet the customers needs and requests;
  • plan and manage marketing campaigns through advertising, social media, Email, TV, or any other media channel;
  • cooperate with the sales team to improve the sales performance and increase the profit of the company;
  • design creative videos, brochures, flyers, and blog posts to promote the company products.

Required Skills

There are many skills required if you want to pursue a career in marketing. Here are some of them:

Communication Skills: no need to say that marketing is all about communication with the customers to promote the company brand and products. You need to have the ability to convince others with your point of view and always speak in a professional way, as you represent your company.

Presentation skills: you may need to explain your ideas to your colleagues, or present a product to a large group of customers. Hence, you have to be self-confident about speaking in public, and be ready to answer all the expected questions.

@Presenting is an essential skill!

Analytical thinking: as mentioned above, one of your most important roles will be conducting market researches. Being able to think analytically will lead you to identify the customers needs, the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, and the market gaps, leading to improve the company performance.

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Time management: you will have to give a presentation at a place, then hurry to attend a conference at another. After that, you will have to finish some tasks in which the deadlines are approaching. To handle all this, you must have very strict time management skills, and you must work under pressure too.

Creativity: you must generate creative ideas when planning the marketing campaigns, creating the social media and website content, promoting products to the customers, in order to achieve better results and have an advantage over the competitors.

@Creativity is very important in all aspects of life!

Required Education and How to Make Your Resume Better

Usually, in most countries, you will need a bachelor degree in marketing or business administration to be qualified for entry level positions. However, to have an edge in your resume, it is preferable that you do an internship during the period of your studies.

Also, studying extra courses that are not in your curriculum will supply you with more information about marketing, which prepares you for your career, and also will give an impression to the recruiters that you are a hardworking and passionate person. Check this link to see some of the best marketing courses available online.

Something worth mentioning, participating in a lot of extracurricular activities during the period of your studies will help a lot in improving your communication and negotiation skills, which are very important for anybody planning to pursue a career in marketing.

At some point, you may think about doing a master’s degree, or pursuing a professional marketing certification. This may have a great role in advancing your career towards professionalism, and helping you to reach the highest positions.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the post, marketing is a very important field in business. All corporate s, companies, and organizations must have a marketing department to publicize the company, create marketing campaigns, and promote the company products. Accordingly, there are lots of job opportunities in that field. Moreover, pursuing a marketing career will be awarding in terms of the salary.

If you decide to pursue a career in marketing, the university curriculum will not be sufficient. Try to participate in extracurricular activities during your university studies, make internships, and study some other courses in addition to your curriculum (online courses maybe a good start). This will be an edge in your resume.

If you have already got your degree, you should start searching for a job. Firstly, get a professional resume, in case you still do not have one. You can refer to our resume writing guide, or consider a professional resume writing service, for a better quality product. Ready to start the job search journey? Check our job search useful tips.

In case you have any comments, questions or information you want to add, you are encouraged to leave them below. As I say every post, we all have the same goal, to help each other to become better.

  1. Furkan Furkan

    I just suck at presenting. I think of getting some classes. Is getting a class a good idea or should I just read and practice at home?

    • Maybe reading and practicing at home is a good idea, but this will not be sufficient. You need to try presenting in front of people.

  2. I think Marketing requires a lot of external experience like you stated in your summary. Books can only take you so far but experience can truly develop new ways for you to be a great marketer, from confidence to persuasion.

    That knowledge only comes from failing and trying again!

    Thanks for the great post:)

    • Exactly, practical experience is very important, along with studying, they can make you a great marketer.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      You are welcome 🙂 Stay tuned !

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