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Mechanical Engineering Career Path – What Kind of Jobs Can You Do?

Mohamed Hesham

Pursuing a career in mechanical engineering is so awarding in terms of salary, as it is one of the highest paying jobs. Moreover, there are many job opportunities in a variety of fields. Mechanical engineers availability is a must in nearly all the industries. It is impossible to find a factory that produces any kind of products without mechanical engineers having a role there.

In this post, we are going to discuss the mechanical engineering career path, some fields a mechanical engineer can work at, and some skills a mechanical engineer should learn to have a resume with a competitive edge in each of those fields.

The fields we are going to discuss here are:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

This field of mechanical engineering deals with any kind of machine that can fly. It is divided into two categories: If the machine flies within the earth’s atmosphere such as airplanes, helicopters or military missiles, it will be called aeronautical engineering; while if it deals with the outer space, it will be called astronomical engineering.The aerospace engineering job description includes designing machines like planes, aircraft, rockets, spaceships, and satellites. In the next stage, they implement and test the prototype of the designed product. They also design, implement, and test the components and the systems inside these crafts, such as the engines, control systems….etc. Finally, they have a great role in testing the functionality, reliability, and durability of the implemented crafts and their internal subsystems.

Along with the knowledge about aerodynamics, physics, motors, and material science he has obtained from his university studies, a very important skill an aerospace engineer must have is to be able to use CAD (computer aided design), as the computer programs are widely used nowadays to make designs and simulations in most of the industries, because they save a lot of money and give reliable and accurate results.

For more information about aerospace engineering and its career paths click here.

Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineers do nearly the same job description like aerospace engineers, but for vehicles working on the ground like cars, bicycles, and motorbikes. They design, implement, and test the vehicles prototypes and the subsystems and components inside them, then ensure the reliability, functionability, and durability of the products.Automotive engineers should understand well maths, physics, thermodynamics, and hydraulics. The same like aerospace engineers, they should also be skillful at CAD due to its great role in designing and simulating products.

Control Engineering

Control engineers job description is to design, simulate, implement and test equipment and systems that are responsible for monitoring and controlling engineering systems and engineering processes. Furthermore, they work on setting up, operating and maintaining those systems.

Control engineers can either work in the factories who produce the control instruments and systems, or the companies using them.

Skills in some disciplines are needed for control engineers, such as PLC (Programmable logic controllers), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Additionally, learning CAD (computer aided design) will be so useful.

Maintenance Engineering

The role of maintenance engineers is to ensure that the equipment and systems involved at any engineering process function in a reliable and smooth way. 

Their responsibilities include making maintaining strategies and plans, arranging for scheduled maintenance operations, solving the problems that may appear, repairing the damaged equipment, dealing with emergencies, and ensure that their plans follow the specified budget.

Occasionally, maintenance engineers participate in designing, implementing and testing equipment used in maintenance operations.

Maintenance engineers should learn some control disciplines because they are useful in their job, such as PLC (programmable logic controllers).

So, what can be concluded?

To summarize the post, mechanical engineering careers are very awarding in terms of salaries, and there are many job opportunities for mechanical engineers, as they can work everywhere in various fields.

The fields in which a mechanical engineer can work at are too many, so they were not totally covered in the post; however, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, control engineering, and maintenance engineering are from the most popular ones among them.

If you plan to study mechanical engineering or currently a university student, you should not just become satisfied by the skills you learn in the university. Try to develop yourself by acquiring other skills such as CAD (computer aided design). Moreover, you should try to gain some work experience by taking internships in the vacations period.

In case you already graduated, it is the time to search for a job. Start by creating a strong resume that reflects all your skills, education, and experience. You can refer to our resume writing tips, or request a resume writing service to obtain a professionally written product, as a good resume will be crucial in your job search journey. Now are you ready to start searching? Refer to our job search tips!

If you have something you want to add, any comment, any feedback, or any experience you want to share, please do not hesitate to leave it below. As I say at the end of any post, we all have the same goal: to help each other to become better.





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