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Study Nanotechnology and Be on New Technology News!

Khalid Elezabi

How many times have you heard the term “Applied Nanoscience” lately? Tens of times I can assure you. As the rapid development in technology we witness in every single aspect of our lives will continue to spread we must at least get to know to what we owe this development. Now we are going to explore possible career opportunities as well as the educational content related.

Figure 1(Nanotechnology applied on a wireless microchip by UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Nano physically means one billionth of anything, to get to visualize this term, it is easy to say that if you are holding an A4 paper, you should know it is about 74,000 nanometers thick!

Therefore, since we are talking about very small structures we definitely need special methods to deal with these tiny measures. Thus, Nanosciences are all sciences related to dealing with Nano scale sciences.

There are number of programs that can help you achieve a degree In Nanotechnologies. But the question is what are you going to learn? And what should I expect in return? In terms of future job opportunities.


Taking a Bachelor or master degree in Nanotechnology will put you in a wide range of options.

Some of which are: Scientist in Materials, micro and nano systems, applied physics as well as semiconductor devices fields. As the internet of things is uprising, plenty of jobs are available in embedded systems track where the nanotechnology is widely applied. Working as an Industrial expert or as R&D engineer is another option many people choose!

If you head towards manufacturing jobs you will be able to work in “Clean-rooms” specifically designed not to allow air particles from interrupting the ongoing processes.

Clearly, continuing in the Scientific Research track will definitely allow you to explore the beauty of the Nano scale sciences since it is one of the hottest topics recently as previously mentioned.


Biochemistry, Physics, quantum sciences as well as chemistry and materials are all subjects that represent the main stone in building your knowledge.

Meanwhile, these topics will aide you to apply the techniques in different fields such as Biomedical Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics, Forensic sciences, solid-state materials, Medicine, Photonics, Optoelectronics and Defense fields.



Unlike other fields, nanotechnologies require in-depth hands-on experiences in laboratories. Thus it is very important for you to choose the education institution at which you are going to seek your degree in a deep manner.

Therefore, a well-equipped modern laboratories will aide you towards your degree and will allow a better understanding for the most recent changes in the field.

Unfortunately, not many universities have suitable facilities for such a demanding field and they rather rely on conceptual learning instead of offering a well-balanced program.


Impacts of Nanotech!

Let’s explore together how Nanotechnologies affected our lives:

  • Smaller in size electronics are now possible to be manufactured, imagine the size of the first mobile phone you ever saw, it was probably 15 centimeters long and 2 centimeters thick! Nowadays, mobile phones companies challenge each other to provide its users the slimmest and size convenient mobile phone.
  • Faster and powerful chips are now integrated together to provide the optimum performance in almost any electronic device. Starting by large screens, drones and ending by Nano chips.
  • Multi-functional circuits can now provide multifunctional chips for more accurate performances during surgical procedures as an example in the medical field.
  • Many pharmaceutical products now contain nanoparticles that can change the way your body absorb the needed components in a more convenient and easy way.
  • Nano composite materials now play an important role in reducing the amounts of fuel used by vehicles, not only that, but improves the ability to resist corrosion.
  • Another field is the Nano particles used in manufacturing special fabrics that can be more resistant to water and flames! Putting in mind the weight and thickness matters.
  • Commercial running equipment is now lighter in weight as a special material is now being used in the manufacturing process called Carbon nanotubes.

After going through our article, it is possible to understand that the Nano tech field is very demanding. And is developing every second impacting our lives in one way or another. It is now a bit easier to decide whether or not to seek a degree in the Nano technology field. So you’d better hurry up and take your decision.

  1. Such an informative article. The article of yours really help especially for fresh graduate. Most of the fresh graduate (including me myself) having a dilemma about what major subject we should take and no idea about the future. Thanks to you, I could share your post and help those fresh graduate saving their time. Keep it up!!


    • admin admin

      Thanks Jaden!
      Stay tuned for our next articles.
      Good luck!


  2. Hi there,
    Your site is very interesting and very ambitious which is a good thing.
    I am an Electronics Engineer myself in addition to a degree in Education and understand your interest in the field of engineering.
    Very good work, I wish you all the best, keep it up.

    • admin admin

      Thanks Leif!
      It has come to our notice that it is very useful to provide Engineering students with information that will help them in their future careers.


  3. Nano technology sure seems to be the wave of the future. A few of my daughter’s friends are engineering students. I think this would be great information for them to know. Choosing a field can be so difficult and not understanding the diverse ranges of fields to go into can be overwhelming. Will pass your article on.

    • admin admin

      Thank you Linda.
      Stay tuned for our articles!


  4. Wow… Such a great site you have here. I’ve learnt quite a great deal as technology is overwhelmingly astounding in its present day strides. Looking forward to more information as I am an engineer.

    • admin admin

      Thanks Dennis!
      Stay tuned for our articles.


  5. Steve Steve

    Sometimes the word Nano-technology left me fee fear due to ignorance, it’s kinda exciting to learn of these career options and to know what the future may hold. Fantastic article !

  6. kwacha kwacha

    great post full of important information. It reminds me my university days when I did microprocessor controlled system. The technology has revolutionalised our life today and continue to do so for many years to come. I will follow this Nanotechnology application today. I have liked your post indeed

  7. Brandon Brandon

    I can already see where technology is going. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one!
    If we can already create super slim smartphones and TV’s what are we expecting in the near future. Holographic screens? That is certainly what I think’s going to happen, because it’s just a matter of time.

  8. Craig Craig

    When I was in highschool I had this teacher who was always raving about the idea of nanotechnology and how it would one day handle all of our problems. Everything from tiny robots walking around eating dust to sending them inside the body to fight diseases. While we still seem a far cry from these applications it is definitely cool to see that some of this tech is starting to become a reality! It has so many applications, so long as we don’t do anything stupid with it…

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