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Public Relations Job Description and Required Skills

Mohamed Hesham

Public relations is one of the most important fields nowadays. All corporates, companies, and business firms need a public relations sector to manage the communication between the institution and the clients, media, other organizations, press… etc. This results in many job opportunities available for people who want to pursue a career in PR.

Also, PR is one of the most awarding careers in terms of the salary, especially after a few years of work experience, and after taking some steps for career advancement. In this article, we will discuss the public relations job description, the required skills to get a job in this field, the required education, and how to make your resume look suitable for this career.

Responsibilities of PR Officers

The nature of the job usually depends on the type of the institution you will work at. Here are some tasks you may be assigned:

  • developing PR strategies;
  • communicating with media and other organizations, answer their enquiries and respond to their questions through telephone and Email;
  • analyzing the institution’s media coverage;
  • writing, editing, and submitting press releases to the media channels;
  • designing and implementing brochures, promotional videos, photographs, and films about the organization, its vision and mission, and its products or services;
  • planning and organizing events to promote the organization such as exhibitions, conferences, and press tours;
  • managing and updating the organization’s website and social media platforms such as the Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel….etc;
  • engaging with the users in the previously mentioned social media channels;
  • finding partnerships and sponsorships for the different organization projects and plans;
  • strengthening the bond between the organization members through internal events and team building activities.

Skills Needed for a PR Officer

  1. Communications skills: as a PR officer, you should be a good speaker and a good listener too. You should like meeting different people with different mindsets. Moreover, you should be able to get and stay in touch with the others, as business is always about people.
  2. Writing skills: to be able to do the previously mentioned tasks such as writing press releases and reports about the organization.
  3. Presentation skills: at anytime you may find yourself having to present your organization’s vision to potential partners or sponsors, so you have to be ready.
  4. Research skills: a PR officer should be able to understand about various topics and learn quickly. Additionally, being able to conduct market researches is very important, because you must have knowledge about your client’s needs.

                                   Creativity is essential in PR
  5. Creativity: as a PR officer, you must always find unique and creative ways to promote the vision, mission, products, and services of your organizations to the clients, media, press, partners, stakeholders, and sponsors.
  6. Time management: you will find yourself having dozens of tasks, clients to serve, and projects to complete. Managing deadlines and priorities according to the importance and the time to submit each task is an art that is not mastered by everyone.

Required Education and How to Make Your Resume Better

Usually, in most countries, you will need a bachelor in public relations related area such as journalism, mass communications, marketing or business to be qualified for entry level positions. However, to have an edge in your resume, it is preferable that you do an internship during the period of your studies.

Also, studying extra courses that are not in your curriculum will supply you with more information about PR, which prepares you for your career, and also will give an impression to the recruiters that you are a hardworking and passionate person. For a review of some of the best PR online courses, click here.

Something worth mentioning, participating in a lot of extracurricular activities during the period of your studies will help you a lot in pursuing your career in PR, as it will enhance a lot your communication skills, and public relations is all about communication and networking with other people.

At some point in your career, maybe after 5 years of work experience, you may think about the APR (Accredited in Public Relations) certification. This may have a great role in advancing your career towards professionalism, and helping you to reach the highest positions.

So What Can We Conclude?

To summarize the post, public relations is a very important field in business. All corporate s, companies, and organizations must have a PR sector to communicate with the media, clients, partners, and press: that is why there are lots of job opportunities in that field. Also, a public relations career is awarding in terms of salaries.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in PR, you should not consider the university curriculum sufficient. Try to participate in internships and extracurricular activities, study independently, and study extra courses in addition to the bachelor degree. This will give you a competitive edge in your resume.

In case you have already earned your degree, you may start your job search journey. Firstly, consider having a professional resume. Refer to our resume writing tips, or consider a resume writing service for more professionalism. After acquiring a  good resume, start searching for an entry level job. Read our job search guide for more information.

At the end I will leave you with this interesting video about PR importance:

In case you have any comment or information you want to add, please leave it below. As I say every post, we all have the same goal, to help each other to become better.





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