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Resume Writing Services – The Top 3

Mohamed Hesham

Resume is a very important factor in the job search process. It can convince the employers that you are initially fit for the position, so you can land an interview. The resume writing operation can be achieved easily by anybody. However, it may be hard to write a professional resume that can make you land a good job alone without help, especially that nowadays employers use ATS (applicant tracking system) to filter resumes, so your resume must be optimized for them.

In this post, we will review the top 3 resume writing services, highlighting the differences between them and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Great Resumes Fast

Rating: 5/5

Prices: $495 for Entry Level Resume | $595 for Professional Resume | $695 for Executive Resume | $995 for C Level Resume

Great Resumes Fast is one of the best and most professional resume writing services out there. The company has been in business for about a decade. It was established by the former recruiter and HR Manager, Jessica Holbrook, when she decided to use the great experience she had acquired by working for 12 years in this field. Her team includes some most experienced recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals, which guarantees the quality of their services.

The way it works:

  1. Choose the resume type you need from 6 types: Entry Level Resume, Professional Resume, Executive Resume, C-Level Resume, IT Resume, Military-Transition Resume;
  2. Choose the package you would like. The basic package includes the resume writing only, while other packages may additionally include other services such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, Thank You Letter writing, and resume distribution;
  3. Confirm the order and pay the fees;
  4. Upload your current resume, if you have;
  5. You will be assigned a professional writer according to your industry;
  6. You will receive a call at the same business day from your writer to schedule a 60-90 minutes phone consultation;
  7. The first draft of your resume will be ready in 3-5 business days;
  8. A followup phone consultation will be scheduled to determine whether you want any edits. This process will continue until you are fully satisfied with your resume.

When searching for previous customer reviews of Great Resumes Fast, we found that most of them were very satisfied with their services. Some of them stated that the services are outstanding, products are amazing, and deadlines are met. Moreover, they are rate A+ (on a scale from A+ to F) from the BBB (better business bureau).

The best thing we liked about Great Resumes Fast is the phone consultancy, as most of the resume writing services just collect the client information electronically, and the communication with the writer is usually by email. However, personally, I think that the phone is a better way of communication, as it allows a more detailed discussion, which ensures that the resume will cover all the possible details.

Another great thing about Great Resumes Fast is that their produced resumes are ATS optimized. Also, their guarantee policy is simple: if you do not land an interview within 60 days after receiving your resume, they will rewrite it again for free.

There is a priority option available with additional charges. This will be very important if you have an upcoming deadline, as you will receive your resume after only 48 hours from the consultation.

The only disadvantage of Great Resumes Fast is their very high prices, nevertheless they can be considered reasonable, given the quality of the services.

Checkout their website from here.


Rating: 4/5

Prices: $99.99 for Entry Package | $129.99 for Career Pro Package | $199.99 for Professional Package | $249.99 for Premium Package

Resumeble is also one of the best resume writers. They have professional, qualified, and well tested writers from different industries. They claim to always choose the most experienced and “top skilled” individuals from HR positions.

There are four packages offered to choose from:

  • the entry package: professional resume writing with up to three revisions;
  • the career pro package: professional resume writing with up to three revisions, and a 30-day interview guarantee;
  • professional package: professional resume writing with up to ten revisions, free cover letter, and a 30-day interview guarantee;
  • the premium package: professional resume writing with unlimited revisions, free cover letter, free thank you and follow up letters, LinkedIn profile review, and a 30-day interview guarantee.

The first draft of your resume will be ready within 3 days of the order. It will take 5-7 days to deliver the final product.

The additional services offered in the packages can be ordered separately too. There is also a CV writing service that should be ordered separately.

Resumeble has very good customer reviews about their services. Many customers said that they deliver a great service, have a professional team, and provide clear feedback. Also, some previous company employees liked the environment they were working at, which gives a good impression about the company in general.
What we like about Resumeble is that they assign the resume writers according to the customer’s industry, and they give attention for resume ATS optimization. Also, their prices are very affordable, and a lot cheaper than Great Resumes Fast. Moreover, their guarantee policy is pretty good: they will revise your resume free of charge in case you do not land an interview within 30 days from receiving the order.
Additionally, they offer a free resume review to help you determine the areas of improvement and help figure out which of their packages/services fit you better.

However, there are some issues we do not like about their services:

No phone consultations: they just receive your information through an in-depth questionnaire you answer after registering, then the communication with your assigned writer continues by email. In my opinion, phone consultations are way better.

Limited resume revision: unlike Great Resumes Fast, which allows customers to review and ask for changes in their resumes until satisfaction.

Visit their website from here.

Resume Writing Lab

Rating: 3/5

Prices: $119 for Resume Writing | $89 for Resume Editing | $49 for Cover Letter | $89 for LinkedIn Profile

This company is known for providing a very good resume writing service. They hire only certified and professional writers. There are many services offered: resume writing, CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and cover letter writing.

Additionally, there is a unique service which is resume editing that can help you to revise and edit some parts if you already have a resume in hand, which is a really good feature.

The company has very good and positive customer reviews. Many of the previous customers stated that they were satisfied with their final product.

From the great attributes about this company: its affordable prices, assigning writers based on your industry, and focusing on ATS optimization.

Despite these advantages, there are some issues we do not like. Firstly, like Resumeble, no phone call consultations. Secondly, you have only three revisions after receiving the first draft of our resume. Moreover, there is no guarantee policy, unlike Great Resume Fast and Resumeble which offer 60-day interview guarantee and 30-day interview guarantee, respectively.

Go to their website now!

So, What Should You Do Now?

If you still do not have a resume, or would like a more professional one, I advise you to seek one of the above services, as a professionally written and ATS optimized resume is essential in your job search journey. In case you prefer writing the resume by yourself, you can use our resume writing tips.

Now you already have your resume? Refer to our job search guide to know about the best job search techniques. You may also think about the resume distribution services, by which your resume can reach hundreds or thousands of recruiters and employers in your field. Already have landed an interview? Check our interview guide.  

That is all for today. Now, I would like to hear from you. Have you ever tried a resume writing service? How was your experience? Did it help you to land a job? Your thoughts are welcome below!

  1. vivek vivek

    This post is really helpful. I’m still wondering if the first service is justifiable given the huge pricing difference? To be honest that’s the only thing keeping me fro considering them

    • I agree that they are somewhat pricey, but they are the most professional, with great customer reviews and A+ rating from the BBB.
      You can also consider one from the other two; they are also very good. Anyways, good luck.

  2. Since I use (Texas Work Commission website) to write my resumes, I never considered a resume writing service. On State of Texas job applications they want all your work history and that has been quite long over the past twenty years.

    I’m curious to know since I just started a new career that I have only held volunteer positions in, would a resume service specialize on my strengths from other jobs that are not proven in my current field?

    • I suggest that you choose one of the services above, and call their customer service to ask about your concerns. I think they will understand your situation and format the resume in a way that reflects your experiences and skills which qualify you for the targeted position.

  3. Steph Steph

    Hi Mohamed. I’ve been looking for a way to improve my resumes, but I hadn’t thought of resume writing services before.

    Thanks for sharing a few of these services, now I have an idea of where I can get a professional resume written. I look forward to trying them out!

    Just curious, how long does it usually take to receive the resume once it’s been paid for? Thanks

    • It usually takes 3 days for the first draft. Then if you have any required modifications, it may take up to 7 days.
      Best of Luck Steph 🙂

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