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The Best Job Search Sites

Mohamed Hesham

Getting hired is not easy nowadays: it became a dream for some people. Along with networking, and traditional job hunting methods, searching the internet is one of the most powerful ways to find a job. However, be careful when searching for jobs online because there are many scam websites who aim only to collect people’s data, and you will find many fake job ads.

In this post, we will mention the best job search sites, including the sites focusing on entry level jobs, highlighting the pros and cons of each one, and discussing the ways to use them effectively.


LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself to the professional world. You can connect with recruiters, employers and influencers of your local community, and internationally too.

When using LinkedIn, try to set up your profile such that it reflects all your experiences. Recruiters use LinkedIn to directly find talents and experiences that will benefit their company, so make your profile speak about you.

Moreover, you should grow your network as much as you can. Try to connect with employers, recruiters, and influencers. Simply, make your profile and social activity through LinkedIn tell the employers why they should hire you not another one.

Also, LinkedIn offers a search option in which you can directly search for related jobs, and filter them according to location, position…etc.

The only drawback of LinkedIn is that some features are not for free such as Email alerts, and knowing who viewed your profile.


CareerBuilder is also one of the best websites that can help you find a job. It is a global site that allows you to find jobs around the world. There is a search filter that gives the option to search by industry, company, location, and salary.

Moreover, CareerBuilder has some advanced features such as:

  • The job recommendation: They match the available jobs with your resume to see which ones are more suitable;
  • Career tests: they help you find the most suitable career options;
  • Hire insider: this feature gives you a report to illustrate the difference between you and the other candidates who applied for the same job in terms of education, experience…etc. Also it contains data like the number of applicants and salary information;
  • Fraud protection;
  • Customer support.

The only disadvantage of CareerBuilder is the presence of lots of ads which may distract users.


Monster is also one of the greatest websites for job search. It also offers a great search engine with filtering options based on salary, location, industry, and some other options.

Moreover, Monster has some advanced features such as the ability to hire a professional to write your resume, and my resume agent paid service, in which your resume can be sent to a wide network of influential recruiters in your industry.

There were some complaints from Monster users that sometimes the resume services are delivered a bit late; however, this does not happen all the time.


Craigslist is a general site for everything. You can find used furniture, cars, drive shares, houses for rent, and definitely jobs. Companies having job opportunities widely use Craigslist to advertise them, especially small businesses, so that it can be a very powerful tool to search for jobs.

Nevertheless, be careful with scams because usually everybody is allowed to post ads on Craigslist, that is why it can be a good environment for bad intentions.


Indeed is also a popular and powerful website to search for jobs. It allows you to search by job title, location, salary, company, and it even has the option to select only jobs open for fresh graduates.

Additionally, when you login to Indeed, you will find your search history such that you will not lose your data. Also, you can post your resume for employers to find you and setup email alerts for job options that fit your criteria.


Glassdoor offers targeted job search based on location, job title, salary, and company, in addition to the ability of submitting your resume too.

A special feature in Glassdoor is the company reviews provided by previous and current employees. This gives the applicants the chance to know the differences between the work environments in each company, so they know what is more suitable for them.

Moreover, Glassdoor has a section of popular interview questions which maybe asked by specific companies. The only disadvantage of Glassdoor is the presence of Google Ads.

Websites For Fresh Graduates

Usually, it is very difficult to find jobs targeting graduates with no work experience; however, there are some websites that decided to curate job opportunities targeting fresh graduates, to make the search process easier.


This website has more than 100,000 entry level job opportunities. They have 7 million graduates and 10 million students in their data base, and they help about 2 million graduates and students to find entry level jobs and temporary internships yearly.

CollegeRecruiter also has very good resources to help recent graduates and students to plan and prepare their careers. Moreover, there is a free resume critique service, in which you submit your resume to be reviewed by experts, and they provide you feedback with suggested modifications to make it more professional.

The disadvantage of CollegeRecruites is that it does not give enough filtering options: you only search for jobs by the job title and place, which makes the search process overwhelming.


AfterCollege was firstly constructed by Stanford University students in 1996. It gave Stanford students the opportunity to showcase their resumes to employers. Later, the site became popular and was renamed to be AfterCollege. Today, its aim is to help fresh graduates from numerous schools to build their careers.

AfterCollege helps students find jobs related to their schools, fields of study, and interests. It aims to connect students and fresh graduates to their potential employers.

There are two drawbacks that were noticed in AfterCollege: most of the jobs are concentrated in USA; and most of them only cover science, engineering, mathematics, technology, business administration, and health care fields.

Anyway, you should remember that searching for jobs in these websites is not the only thing you can do. There are many other effective job search techniques.

Worth mentioning, a good resume is a must before you start the job search journey. You can refer to our resume writing tips, or consider a professional resume writing service for a quality product.

Now, I will leave you with this video which illustrates the job search sites, including some websites that were not mentioned here.

Best Wishes!





  1. I have been looking for a job and never know where to look. Thank you for doing the research so I don’t have to. I also didn’t really think about looking on craigslist. Good info.

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