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The Best Resume Distribution Services

Mohamed Hesham

Many suffer to apply for jobs nowadays. You have to apply and pass your resume to a massive number of the advertised job positions on the job websites such as Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder and many others, consuming a lot of time and effort, and sometimes with no output.

In this post we will review some of the best resume distribution services. To clarify what those services do, they simply pass your resume to hundreds and thousands of recruiters, employers, headhunters, and job websites in order to save the time and effort you will have to do if you make this by yourself.


Rating: 5/5

Price: $275 for Professional/Mid-career | $295 for Executive/C-Level was founded by the former Recruiter and HR Manager Jessica Holbrook more than 9 years ago, when she decided to utilize the great experience she had gained in that field in more than 12 years. Her team includes elite Hiring Managers, former Recruiters, and HR professionals, which ensures the quality of the services they provide

The services GreatResumesFast provide include professional resume writing for all career types and career levels, LinkedIn profile writing, and resume distribution.

Their resume distribution service is targeted to recruiters in your field, according to the required salary, location, and position. Your request can be targeted as you would like. The company states that after customization and targeting, the resumes may reach between 700 – 2000 recruiters, from a data base consisting of 16,000 recruiters which is updated every month.

Something unique in this company: once you purchase the service and they send your resume and cover letter to your selected list of recruiters, they will also send you a document with the names, companies, and contact information of the recipients of your resume, so you can follow up with them.

The prices included are for the service when delivered in USA. The company works globally and can help the job seekers to find jobs in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the MENA region. To find out the global prices, you can directly contact the company.

Something worth mentioning about this company is the excellent reviews received from its previous customers. Many of them stated that the company services could help them land a good job. Moreover, it is rated A+ (on a scale from A+ to F) from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Visit GreatResumesFast website from here.


Rating: 4/5

Price: $29.95 for faxing 200 Companies | $125 for faxing 1,000 Companies

This company is, actually, different from the others. They send your resume and cover letter by fax not email, and directly to the employers, not to recruiters.

The ways it works is as follows: 

step one: determine the employer type (industry), the target location (state, city, metro area), and the employer size;

step two: upload a resume and a cover letter, 3 pages combined. If more, there will be extra charges;

step three: add new employers, or remove some (you can remove your current employer);

step four: order completion

The prices start with $29.95 for sending faxes to about 200 companies. After that, each added company will cost 12 Cents until reaching 1,000 companies, after this point each additional company will cost only 10 Cents. The price will be about $125 for faxing 1000 companies.

There are some opinions which say that the fax industry is going to death, and it is not widely used nowadays, so it may not be effective to use this service, according to them. However, in my point of view, sending your resume by fax may make you stand out the crowd, as each employer may have tons of emails for resumes of job applicants, and most of them are not opened, and may be deleted by one click, while most job seekers rarely consider using the fax.

JobsByFax has very good customer reviews. Many customers reported its service helped them to land several interviews. The BBB gives them an A+ rating ( a scale from A+ to F).

When comparing JobsByFax with GreatResumesFast in terms of the price, we can notice that its prices are more affordable, which is a good advantage.

Another asset for JobsByFax is that they guarantee receiving 10 interview requests after sending your resume to at least 1,000 employers. If you do not receive these calls, they will make a free evaluation to your resume, and offer to send it again to the employers for half the price. However, there is no evidence that they are well qualified to evaluate resumes.

The main drawback of JobsByFax is that the company works only inside the USA.

Explore JobsByFax website from here.


Rating: 3/5

Price: $25 for the Standard Plan | $55 for the Extended Plan | $65 for the Nationwide Plan

ResumeRobin distributes your resume to job sites such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster. Moreover, they claim that your resume will have a premium placement on those websites. Also, they send it to some recruiters in which they have a partnership with.

The idea of posting resumes on your behalf to hundreds of the job boards is a good one too, as you will not have to do this manually, and it may take you days or weeks to do so.

There are three offered plans:

The Standard plan ($25): your resume is distributed to more than 150 job sites and recruiters in your metro area.

The Extended plan ($55): your resume is distributed to more than 250 job sites and recruiters in your state.

The Nationwide plan ($65.00): your resume is distributed to all the job sites and recruiters in their database across the US.

As we can see, the prices are way cheaper than GreatResumesFast and JobsByFax, but the number of the job boards and recruiters your resume will be distributed to is much smaller.

An additional feature in ResumeRobin is the free electronic resume builder.  Moreover, they offer a free resume review service, but the same like JobsByFax, we do not  have evidence that they are qualified to review resumes.

When exploring the customer reviews about ResumeRobin, we found most of them were positive. However, the BBB gave them a rating of F (a scale from A+ to F), because they could not reply to two customer complaints filed against them.

A big disadvantage in ResumeRobin is that, unfortunately, they offer services only in US.

Checkout  ResumeRobin website from here.

So What to do now?

I recommend that you use one of the resume distribution services mentioned above, because this can save you too much time, and hand your resume to hundreds or thousands of recruiters and employers, which definitely makes you more likely to be hired.

However, please remember that this is not enough to land a job. If your resume is not written in a professional way that expresses you to the employers, and highlights your skills and experiences, then there is not a real value guaranteed when distributing it. For more info, refer to our valuable resume writing tips. Another great option is to use a resume writing service, for a more professional, high quality product.

Also, I advise you to constantly develop your skills, knowledge and experiences. This can be by pursuing online or offline courses, reading more about your field, and participating in internships.

You should also remember that sending your resume to employers, and applying for jobs electronically is only one of the numerous ways to get a job, and you should not ignore the others. You can refer to our article about the best job hunting techniques for more information.

If you have any question or would like to add additional information, you are encouraged to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you. As I say every post, we all have the same goal: to help each other to become better.


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