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The Electrical Engineer Job Opportunities – What Can You Do?

Mohamed Hesham

Definitely, pursuing a career in electrical engineering will be very exciting for whoever have passion about it, as it is one of the fastest growing fields in the engineering disciplines, so it gives the opportunity for personal development everyday for the people who work in it. Also, working in electrical engineering and its fields is very rewarding in terms of salary, because it is one of the best paying jobs in many countries.

However, electrical engineering is very broad, there are many sub fields an electrical engineer can learn and work at. It is impossible to be a master in all of them; hence, it is recommended that an electrical engineer focus on one field or discipline he has passion about, and make a good effort to be well qualified in it. At this post, we will discuss the electrical engineer job opportunities, the paths and different fields an electrical engineer can work at, and how to be well qualified in each field by taking the required courses and certificates, as usually the university studies alone do not give the enough skills to secure a job after graduation.

Telecommunications Engineering

One of the possible disciplines an electrical engineering graduate can go through is to be a telecommunications engineer.

The role of telecommunications engineers is to use their knowledge to assess situations, and solve problems that may come up in different telecommunication systems – such as voice, data, radio, and fiber optics. Telecommunication engineers also work on planning, designing and optimizing communication systems.

Teleommunications-SiteA good telecommunications engineer must have knowledge about recent communications techniques and technologies. One of the most important telecommunication engineering disciplines which has many job opportunities available is mobile communications. So a good knowledge of the 2G (GSM), 3G, 4G (LTE) mobile technologies will be a good competitive edge at an electrical engineer’s resume.

Network Engineering

Network engineering is the discipline in which its members are responsible for
implementing, supporting, maintaining, and designing communication networks. These networks can be to connect an organization’s sectors to each other or to connect different

The goal of network engineers is also to ensure the integrity of high
availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for
their users. Users may be staff, clients, customers and suppliers.
Networks can include computer networks, telephone networks, firewall, fire alarms, smoke detectors, security cameras, and many other devices.

In my opinion, the best qualification an electrical engineering graduate can have to get a job in networking is to get a vendor certification. One of the best network vendors is CISCO, which offers different types of certifications starting from entry level, passing by associate, professional, and reaching the architect, which is the highest level.

As an electrical engineering bachelor holder, you should better start from the associate certification (CCNA), which is most probably enough to get a job at the entry level. The professional will then help you to advance in your career or get better paying jobs.

For a good introduction about networking, checkout these affordable online courses.

Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineers are responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing and testing electronic components, devices, systems or equipment, which are usually made of semiconductors. Electronics engineers can work in industries like mobile phones, communication systems, medical instruments, robotics, and numerous industries; most of the industries may include electronics.

Nowadays, digital electronics is dominating, and industries using analog electronics are shrinking day by day. Technologies like VLSI (very large scale integration) , which enables creating integrated circuits containing thousands and millions of transistors in a single, area limited chip, are becoming very widely used in the present. Consequently, understanding VLSI and mastering the software systems and hardware programming languages used to design, layout, and manufacture the VLSI ICs will be a very good advantage at an electrical engineer’s resume.

Electronic CircuitThere are many tools and programming languages used to design the schematic and layout of the integrated circuits such as FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, Cadence, and many others.

Moreover, learning how to design and layout PCBs (printed circuit boards) is of a great importance, as usually the manufactured ICS are connected together with other electronic components in PCBs to make larger systems.

For more information about electronics engineering, please refer to this article.

Embedded Systems Engineering

An embedded system is a computer system designed only for specific purposes, unlike general purpose computers, which can perform a wide range of tasks. The embedded systems -from their name- are usually parts of complete device system that includes other components which integrate together to perform the system required tasks.

The main component of an embedded system is the microcontroller, which has to be programmed to do the required task, and connected to the other electric components like sensors, capacitors, resistors, motors, and counters to form the embedded system. So a good embedded systems engineer should know about the structure of microcontroller, how to program it, and how to connect it to the other electronic components.

Learning C, C++ will be a good start for someone who plans for this field. There are many embedded systems diplomas who teach everything about embedded systems, in addition to basic programming. Pursuing one of these diplomas will be very powerful too. For more information about embedded systems engineering, its specializations, and the skills required to have a job in each specialization, click here.

Software Engineering

Although software engineering is a concept nearer to computer science graduates, but also electrical engineers can work in this field. Software engineers can design programs for companies, factories, hospitals, banks, or any organization.

Software Program

Additionally, one of the best paths of software engineering is to work as a mobile developer for IOS, or Android. To be qualified for software engineering, programming languages like Java, C++, C should be learned thoroughly. Furthermore, there are many diplomas for mobile developers for Android or IOS. Also, in case you want to work as a website developer, which is a very good option too for software engineers, languages like Python and PHP should be learned. Check some of the top web development online courses from here.

Software engineers can work either for companies or independently: many of them, especially mobile developers, make applications of their own, and earn a good revenue out of them.

So, what can we conclude

To sum up this post, electrical engineering is a very awarding career in terms of salary. Also, engineering in general is very exciting because it depends on thinking and whoever works in it acquires many skills like problem solving and creativity. For an electrical engineer, there are many paths and opportunities in his career like telecommunications engineering, network engineering, embedded systems engineering or electronics engineering. There are also many other specializations that are not mentioned here, as electrical engineering is very broad and it is impossible to include all of them.

If you decide to pursue a career in electrical engineering, I advise you to spend the first year examining all the specialization to see which is more suitable for you. Whenever you decide which specialization to pursue, you should start to develop your skills and knowledge in that field. Seeking extra diplomas and courses, in addition to your university curriculum, will be a good idea. Moreover, you must participate in one internship or more during the period of your studies.

Supposing that you have already graduated, you should start searching for your dream job. The first step is to have a good resume. Consider our resume writing tips, or consult a resume writing service for a more professional product, as it will be very important in your job search journey. If you are ready to search for a job, check our job search guide.

In case somebody has any comment about what is written, or wants to add something, he is more than welcome to comment, or he can even contact me at ( to publish his own post on the website. We all have the same goal, to help each other to become better.







  1. Ramandeep Ramandeep

    Hello Mohamed
    Great post. My brother is a software engineer and he is working as a website developer. Really good company with an awesome pay and packages. I will show him your post so that he can get an idea of what he can with his qualifications. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Great day, thank you for your feedback, and I hope this will be useful for your brother. Good luck for both of you 🙂

  2. Oliver Oliver

    Hi Mohamed – great post! I have been thinking about a career change for some time and CISCO’s entry level diploma sounds like a good option. I was just wondering what are the basic skills required for someone to enrol in this course. Is a background in electrics or science required or can you start as a complete beginner? Do you have to have any aptitude for specific tasks? Best…

    • Hi Oliver, I am really specified in Cisco tracks and I think that you can start as a complete beginner in Networking. It would be preferred if you have a general background in networks and its related studies. You can enjoy even self studying in Cisco fields using online video courses and related PDF and VCE Dump files. Wish you all best.

  3. Great resume tips for electrical engineers . i agree with all the information you described here. It gives the relevant information about that. this tips are very helpful for me and other students who are looking for a job in electrical engineering. Important factors are completely explained here, so this blog is very important for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing!

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