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The Job Description of a Sales Executive

Mohamed Hesham

Have you ever thought of a career as a sales executive? This career doesn’t only present you the possibility of economic success but also a sense of satisfactory and professional growth. Although there are several people with different staunch about the sales job, the reality of the matter is that this is the best career to sharpen your marketing skills and at the same time avoid any financial crisis in your life. It is undeniable that a career in sales presents you with several rewards.

Sales executives have a chance of pocketing a lamp sum of up to $100,000 in a year according to the city that you are working in. For example, sales Executive in New York have an average salary of $63,159 per year while those in Los Angeles can pocket up to $74,748 per year. These salaries are in addition to the commissions you may gain at every sale you make. A sales career will as well present a chance for you to develop skills that will lead to higher career opportunities. You have limitless earning potential and flexible working hours.

Sales executives promote services and products to customers. They can as well negotiate contracts with the main aim of maximizing profits for their respective companies. If you have ever wanted to pursue a career in sales, then you will be given an exclusive opportunity to work as a contact between the organization and its clients.

In this post, we will discuss the job description of a sales executive, and the required skills and accreditations to pursue this career.

Duties of a Sales Executive

  • The main responsibility of a Sales Executive is to run departments with the primary role of offering goods and services to the customers and help their respective companies to maximize their profits.
  • Sales executive handles general categories of merchandise and focus on how to make the company’s products known to the general public.
  • They are bestowed with the powers to set sales goals and then determine the best ways to meet them.
  • Sales executives analyzes the sales reports and do customer surveys to get clear insights of what the customers are looking for and also how to make their customers satisfied.
  • The other responsibility is to assign the sales territories to the reps
  • Highlighting goods and services for specific focus
  • Meet with other departments to ensure that all the goals and the focus of the company are lying on the same line.
  • Meeting with dealers and distributors to spot channels of leakages and determine what they can do to enhance efficiency and the quality of goods and services
  • Sales Executive has a responsibility of ensuring all the needs of the customers are met and the customers are satisfied.
  • Sales Executives don’t sell goods but they can step in for special customers and also step in if the subordinates are inadequate to the services.
  • They meet with customers and put down all their needs and complain to ensure the company will achieve all of them and keep most of its customers.
  • They determine where and when to apply discount prices for customers during a sales promotion or for their loyal customers who buy a certain amount of products or services.
  • The other duty is to manage subordinate salespersons. They ensure that the subordinates have all the requirements to make the whole process of sales and marketing a success.
  • A sales executive also has a responsibility to advertise sales positions, interview and hire subordinates whom he/she thinks he can work well with.
  • After hiring, it is the responsibilities of the sales executive to ensure that his team is adequately trained and competent to take the given tasks.
  • Sales executives are the link between the company and its clients and that’s why they are supposed to encourage the top management with incentives and promotion.
  • They are also given the powers to fire any poor performer whom he thinks can impact on the company’s performance and profitability.
  • Organize and oversee marketing campaigns through advertising, Email, TV, Social media and several other marketing channels.
  • A sale Executive should also design creative brochures, videos, blog posts and flyers to promote the company’s products and services.

Required Skills to Pursue a Career as a Sales Executive

A career in sales can be a perfect career if you are a very outspoken and a confident communicator and if you enjoy the challenge of working toward targets. To pursue a career in sales, you need to possess the below skills.

  1. Required Education

The first thing that you are likely to possess to be a sales Executive is the education qualification. In most companies, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business administration from a recognized university.

To have a resume in your educational background, you need to take an internship during the period of your studies. You should as well hold another certificate or a diploma in any other related business course to supplement your degree. Study an extra course that is not in your curriculum which can in one way or the other supply you with additional knowledge about marketing. Online courses in business and marketing may be very beneficial.

Also participate in lots of extracurricular activities to sharpen your field skills especially during the period of your studies. The main reason for this is to improve your communication and negotiation skills which are very important for you if you want to hunt a career in sales.

Holding a master’s degree is an additional advantage. This will offer you with professional marketing skills and you will end up attracting a higher salary. Holding a master’s Degree in marketing and business administration has a great role in advancing your career towards professionalism. This can give you an opportunity to move to higher positions.

  1. Communication skills

One thing that you are supposed to keep in mind is that marketing is all about communication and hence there is no doubt that every company will request you to possess good communication skills. What every company looks for is your ability to convince others because this is what will be your position in the field. You need to be able to communicate with the clients in a professional way because you are the one representing your company down there.

  1. Presentation skills

Every sales executive will be there to explain every idea to the colleagues, and the clients. What this means is that you are supposed to have presentation skills and also be confident when speaking in public. Additionally, be able to present everything in your mind in a very open and a clear way that everybody will be able to get everything in details. Be ready to answer most of the questions that your colleagues and customers will ask.

  1. Analytical thinking

A sale Executive will also have a responsibility of conducting market researches. The data you collect must be organized, regressed, analyzed and presented in a good way. What this means is that you should possess analytical skills. You must be able to analyze every data into details and use it to make marketing decisions. The main reason why analytical skills are needed here is to identify any customer needs. You also need to collect data about your competitors and identify all their strengths and weaknesses. Determining all the market gaps and be there to replace the gaps with something profitable to the company.

  1. Time management

Time is one of the sales variables that cannot be replaced once gone. For this reason, every sale Executive must possess high level time management skills to ensure that the company maximizes its profits. As a sale executive, you will have to give a presentation, go meet a client, go check on your subordinates and at the same time be able to give a detailed record at the end of the day. What this mean is that if you are not a good time manager you cannot make it through. To handle all the tasks that are required at one single day, you must have strict time management skills and be ready to work under pressure.

  1. Don’t forget critical and creative thinking

You must be creative, that is one, you must be thinking critically too. A sale executive must at all points come up with creative and brilliant marketing ideas to make the whole process a success. You have the responsibility of marketing the company and also promoting the products and services. Your creativity is needed when designing videos, posts, flyers and banners to market your company out there to the public. In order to attain better results, you need to be creative. You also need to be a critical thinker and be able to deal with some impactful critical issues in your career.

Required Accreditations

To get into sales, you need to get accreditations from several bodies in the public and private sectors. While some of the certifications are not a mandatory to many companies, it is necessary to get professional certificates. To venture into this career, you need to get accreditations from the below places.

  • The University

This is where you studied your degree or the master’s program and hence you need to get a certified accreditation for the title you own. The university will have a chance to rely your personal abilities, the professional qualifications and also any other detail that your employer needs from them. You can get a certificate of accreditation from the school’s academic department or direct from the office of the registrar academic.

  • Your prior employer

One of the things that I stated earlier is that you need to undertake an internship. What this means is that even if you were not employed, then you must have undergone an internship. This is where your employer wants you to get a certification to prove that you went through the internship and the level of experience you got. You can get your forms signed and feedback given by your previous HR.

  • A professional Body

Just like law and medicine, marketing has a professional body that regulates the level of skills that the sector needs from the students. Am plenty sure that many countries have different professional bodies that you need to register with after your studies. You also need to get accreditation from the body and forward them to your employer.

  • Credit Reference Bureau and other government organs

Most employers require clearance from CRB before they get you into the company. They have to make sure that you are not a defaulter and you are capable of meeting all your dues. You are also supposed to get clearance from the Police department for your employer to be sure you have no criminal records.

Tips for Students or Recent Graduates

Are you a student and want to venture into this career? Have you ever dreamt of being a sales Executive in any of the best companies in your area? May be yeah, but the reality of the matter is that you should take an extra mile and work hard for it. A sales career requires a lot of your commitment and hard work. The good thing is that there are several opportunities to make your career a success. Start by performing well in your school and take degree in Marketing and Business administration.

While in schools, ensure you are a very active person when it comes to extracurricular activities and other school workshops. The skills you learn outside the class have a direct impact on the way you will curry yourself in the future.

The only way to ensure you are updated in all the things that takes place in the companies and get closer to your career is to attend several seminars and get an internship in one of the most popular companies in the town.

A good resume is essential to get a job as a sales executive. See our resume writing tips for more information. You may also think about a professional resume writing service for to get a very high-quality product, which can help you to land an interview easily.

After landing an interview, a good performance is a vital thing. This will ensure that you secure your job as a sales executive. To make sure you succeed in interviews, follow the below tips.

Do your researches about the sales post. There is no way you can succeed in an interview if you don’t have enough content in your head.  Do enough research on this career path and be ready for the interview.

Research on all the questions that you are likely to get in the interview room-key sales principles, your thought on customer service and the competency based questions.

Have a list of questions ready and have all the answers flowing in your head.

Close the deal with a positive remark and if possible thank the whole congregation for the time spent on their presence. Check out our interview guide for more valuable tips.

Finally, I will leave you with this video about the top qualities of sales persons:

In case you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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