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The Steps to be an Entrepreneur

Mohamed Hesham

Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many people. When you are an entrepreneur, you have your own business, you can manage it on your own, so you can make the most out of it. Moreover, creating new business projects have a very good impact on the society, as this may result in a product or service, which benefits the people, especially if a good quality is guaranteed, furthermore, new job opportunities will be created; this also helps in solving a global problem (unemployment).

In order to be an entrepreneur, there are many required skills that a person who decides to make his own business should have. In this topic we cover those skills, discuss the steps to be an entrepreneur, and how to plan, launch and manage your own business.

Think about an idea

The first step to launch your business is to think about an idea or niche. When you do so, you must choose something you like, as you have to be an authority to your niche, and you have to understand everything about it, by time.

Also, when choosing your idea for the product or service you will offer, you should think about people, as business is all about people.

It is better that your idea tries to solve a problem in the society or the market; this does not mean that you have to invent something from scratch, but this problem can be simply like if you think that a specific product is not served in a high quality in a specific place, so you can try serving it in a better way….. and so on.

Planning your project

After getting a good idea and deciding who will be your niche, you have to start making your business model. The model should include the answers to many questions like:

  • what is the product or service you will deliver?
  • what are your available resources, including the capital, partners, or anything which may help in your business?
  • How will you utilize these resources ?
  • And finally, how will you transfer the idea, and the resources to a consistent business that gets a good profit?

Also, the plan should include the number of employees required in the project, the required skills for each one, and their applicable salaries.

Without planning well any projects, disasters may happen. Although it is impossible to detail everything that may happen, but many things can be predicted either by personal experience or by taking others’ experiences and experts’ opinions. Risk management plan also has an extreme importance. The unexpected actions that may happen, especially at the beginning of your business, should be predicted and precautions should be taken to deal with them.

Growth Strategies

After making the project plan, growth strategies should be also planned in order to ensure the success of your business. The main part of any project growth is marketing. By marketing, you can get customers who are interested in your product or service, so you can start making money.

There are many ways for marketing, such as distributing fliers in a specific area; TV and radio ads; social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook; or making a website to brand your business through it, which is very powerful, especially when using SEO strategies. 

However, the most powerful way for ensuring business growth is to offer a quality product or service, as this will guarantee that the customers gained by the marketing ways become permanent ones.

Also, offering a quality product will give you the advantage of another totally unpaid and a very powerful way of marketing, which is “the word of mouth”, such that, when somebody likes your product, he will automatically begin to recommend you to his friends and family members, that is it.

So what can we conclude?

To sum up this topic, having the own business is very powerful, not only for the owner, but also for the society because this means that there is a new product or a service created to serve people, and new job opportunities will become available for the unemployed.

However, before starting any business, a good business plan and marketing plan should be made to ensure the success and the growth of the business, and to avoid any frustrations or losses. Also, offering a good quality product or service will maintain the success of the project.

Now, after you knew the importance of having knowledge about business and entrepreneurship before deciding to launch a new startup, you may consider reading this review about some of the best short term business courses that will guide you through out the whole process of creating and maintaining a successful lifetime business.

I would like to hear the feedback of anybody who reads this post. Also, if you have any notice or would like to add information, please leave a comment below. As I say every post, we all have one goal, to help ourselves to become better.

  1. Judy Edwards Judy Edwards

    This is a well written and professionally presented article on building your own business. You emphasized the need to plan and develop a business plan. This is indeed a good strategy. They say those who fail to plan, are planning to fail. So a good point there. You have chosen some really good illustrations. If 1 picture is worth a 1000 words you have given a feast of information.
    The other significant factor you mention is the quality of the product. This I agree is very important for the business to maintain a good reputation and remain in business.

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad you liked the article.

  2. Jacob Schilling Jacob Schilling

    Is the first picture Bob Odenkirk? I like your analogy of business is about people. To me, that is a much simpler and more successful way to look at a business. Please the people so that the people can please you. With various ways to create businesses now, such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, Shopify and so forth, which type of business would you recommend for a beginner?

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      I think 😀 Yes, you should think about people so they can think about you too. I guess for a beginner a low risk business is better, such that if he does not reach the required success, he will not lose too much, and he will gain experience. I think affiliate marketing is kinda a low risk business, but may be there are other opportunities too. Best of luck.

  3. Melissa Melissa

    Very good article with great points. After a person chooses their niche the next important step is the plan and like you said without a plan, disaster will happen. Having your own business is a great opportunity but it takes great responsibility and going in without any knowledge is dangerous. Thanks for the info!

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Exactly 🙂 . You summarized the article in two phrases. Thank you for the feedback, and hope you enjoyed.

  4. Razzy Razzy

    Great insight in this article. It’s wonderful to look into the minds of others and to be able to understand what makes them successful. Being able to do so leads to our own success. I think you captured your ideas perfectly and will be quick to apply these lessons towards my own life.

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you so much, and best of luck for your life.

  5. Jaime Cuevas Jaime Cuevas

    Excellent information. I will save it to remind me the process of success, so I can go on and never look back.

    • Mohamed Mohamed

      Thank you so much. Wishing you all the best. YES, YOU SHOULD GO AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

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